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How to take gorgeous pics of your Velvet cakes.

We love it when our Cake Lovers take, post, and tag snaps of their VCC cakes – because no one can resist snapping a bright rainbow slice, a drippy chocolate cake, or sprinkled cupcake! The beauty of these pictures is that they are totally unstyled and spontaneous; an in-the-moment capture of something delicious that YOU want to share with YOUR friends.

Even though spontaneity is at the heart of these pictures, we want to give our Cake Lovers five fun tips on taking the best pics of their beloved VCC cakes – because who knows, you and your party cake pic might go viral!

  1. Au Natural Light:

Natural light gives a real brightness to any picture. So make sure you take your cake pic with natural light flowing in – but be careful of too much sunshine as this may cause shadows. An overcast day creates the perfect amount of light – soft and without any shadows.

  1. Neutral Background:

Pick a neutral background, especially if you’re doing a flatlay. Think a wooden table, a dark board, or light surface. You can also use a subtle print from a tea towel, or hold your cupcake against a textured wall for a gorgeous snap – remember if your hand is in the picture, neat nails are essential.

  1. Tidy Lil’ Snap:

Eating delicious cakes can be a messy business! So before you tuck in, take your snap when everything is neat and fresh. Also check your surroundings for anything that may look out of place, and either straighten it or remove it – you don’t want a cluttered countertop or messy corner to affect your rainbow slice capture.

  1. Tell A Story:

Now that you are ready to take a picture of your Sweetie Pie Cupcake, how about creating a little story around it? You’ve got your yummy cupcake, now add a cup of coffee, a newspaper, a book, a delicate fork, a printed plate, or a pretty napkin.

  1. #filterit

We’re all for enhancing colours and textures, so go ahead and use those handy little filters to add depth and warmth to your pictures – it’s what they’re there for.

Thanks for indulging, and remember to tag your award-winning cake pics on social media with #thevelvetcakeco.

Sweet xoxo,

The VCC.

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