Fruity Fun

New flavour combination! Instant hit!

It was only a short while ago that our bakery team whisked up a brand new cake flavour combination that made us come back for every last crumb… the now-famous Velvet Fruity Range of course! What started as a limited edition cake range for our Easter campaign turned out to be such a hit with our Cake Lovers, that we decided to welcome these fruity flavours as permanent cakes in our range.

Our Fruity Flavours are Lemon Poppy Crunch, Purple Berry Punch, and Pink Passion Fruit.

But what makes sweet cake and tangy fruit such a satisfying combination? Finding that sweet spot relies on the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Tart refers to that tangy, little touch of sour that you get from eating fresh fruit. We created that experience by balancing our famous sweet velvet cake and cream cheese icing taste with a pop of fruity tang in the form of lemon, berry, and passion fruit. Our chefs turned these popular fresh fruits into yummy homemade coulis sauces, that generously punctuated the layers of each cake, creating pockets of tang to offset the sweet cake.

The new Fruity Cakes gave us the chance to push our flavour profiles, and offer our Cake Lovers a bit of an adventurous taste mixed with what they come to expect from TVCC. It’s all about developing tastes and gently exposing our customers to food trends and taste sensations that we know they will love again and again.

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Sweet xoxo,

The VCC.

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